The Call of the Trails!

Now that the nice weather is (finally) upon us, the call of the trails woos me! I was a bit of a slug all winter, getting little exercise, well, I guess that is relative. Let me rephrase, getting little exercise compared to a year or two ago. Plus, I have managed to put on 15lbs over the winter. I blame the weekly commute to the County for my job. Lame excuse I know.  I have had several friends reach out in the last week or so to see what trail races I am doing this year. Haha! I don’t think I can even run a 5k right now, let alone a 50k trail run.  But in typical form, I will probably commit to some insane crazy race, which I will be totally unprepared for, but will manage to finish purely out of spite and pride……..and the food……..The best think about trail running is I can eat ANYTHING!