Maybe I’m getting the hang of this!


The Call of the Trails!

Now that the nice weather is (finally) upon us, the call of the trails woos me! I was a bit of a slug all winter, getting little exercise, well, I guess that is relative. Let me rephrase, getting little exercise compared to a year or two ago. Plus, I have managed to put on 15lbs over the winter. I blame the weekly commute to the County for my job. Lame excuse I know.  I have had several friends reach out in the last week or so to see what trail races I am doing this year. Haha! I don’t think I can even run a 5k right now, let alone a 50k trail run.  But in typical form, I will probably commit to some insane crazy race, which I will be totally unprepared for, but will manage to finish purely out of spite and pride……..and the food……..The best think about trail running is I can eat ANYTHING!

That Look!!

There is something exciting about starting a new sketchbook…….except for that first, blank, white, page staring back at you!!

The Wellie Hotel Gets a Roof!

This is what I have been up to over the last 3 months. The building was originally constructed in 1875, and the new owners are converting this stately house into a boutique hotel. We were asked to take over the construction in February and have been working very hard to meet an aggressive schedule. We are celebrating the topping off of the building with the addition of the rooftop belvedere terrace and the soon to be completed roof. The views to Lake Ontario are spectacular. The building will be gorgeous when completed and restored. This is a really fun project to be a part of  and I am working with some awesome people bringing this vision to fruition. Can’t wait to have a cocktail on that rooftop belvedere!